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  • Think before you buy

    By ScubaDyer
    If it weren’t for the coronavirus I wouldn’t have paid for this book. I found it pedantic, perhaps worthy of a People Magazine award...for something.
  • Unfortunate

    By crthbeen
    I was planning on purchasing it until I read the reviews. I’ve read most of his books, but I don’t understand why Connelly has to politicize his story. Way too many other great authors that just write a story! You’ve lost me
  • It was a great read

    By Anonymous 🌹🌹🌹
    Screw the trump supporters.... who cares?
  • Finishes well

    By Tanktitan
    First half is a bit plodding, going deep in the legal details. It picks up and ends well.
  • The law of innocence

    By Say-Say Jane
    The writing style is boring, and the subject matter is cartoonish in its attempts to make the travails of a criminal defense lawyer interesting. A disappointment for fans of Harry Bosch, a much more interesting protagonist.
  • The Law of Innocence

    By portland lawyer
    Fantastic book. A master class in story telling.
  • I For one applaud you . I cannot BELIEVE how

    By Tonto778
    Gullible The Trump fan base is when he has been ripping people off and not paying them for decades ! The man has not paid plenty of people who were contracted out by him that I know .And it boggles my mind you brainwashed souls would actually be offended from your favorite author just cuz he may have hurt your little cupcake feelings . GROW UP AND WAKE UP
  • Outstanding

    By bfd
    What more can be added...
  • Pretty good

    By nutsp2190
    Would have given 5 stars except for the trashing of my President Donald Trump as part of the story. No place for that in a book I purchase.
  • Liberal mouthpiece

    Why does he have to alienate a big portion of his fan base by politicising his jury pick. You lost a big fan.