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    By Bluehairedlady
    Very boring.
  • A Single Thread

    By kentla1026
    I enjoyed reading this book so much! What a wonderful way to discover life after WWI for so many women. Imagine losing your loved ones and coming to terms with how your life stretches before you very different than planned. For women today to hear “there were so few men” after the war, it wouldn’t affect them as did in post war 20’s and 30’s. There just weren’t options for women. Learning about the broaderers was fascinating to me. I also appreciated learning about bell-ringing, who knew? Most of all, I loved the story between Violet and Arthur. A very unconventional love that was heartbreaking and uplifting. Of course, over time, I will imagine a happier ending and probably forget the proper ending! Age does that to me, ever changing things through my “rose coloured glasses”.